E-Casting für Schauspieler

Heute geht es bei unserem kleinen Schauspieler 1×1 mit Rasmus Max Wirth um das Thema E-Casting.
Wie Ihr diese Hürde souverän meistert und was Ihr dabei beachten müsst, erzählt Rasmus im Video.

Weitere Fragen rund um die NYFA, wie man Schauspieler wird oder zum Thema Regie könnt Ihr uns gerne an contact[at]solutions-talentsandpros.com schicken!

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Außerdem: Es gibt auch einen Regiekurs! Wenn Du Dich also eher als Regisseur denn als Schauspieler oder Schauspielerin siehst, kannst Du im Rahmen des „Filmmaking Workshop“ der NYFA in Berlin deine ersten Kurzfilme drehen.

Weinen auf Kommando? Rasmus Max Wirth über die Arbeit als Schauspieler

Unser Brand Ambassador, Schauspieler Rasmus Max Wirth, hat sich die Zeit genommen und eine Frage beantwortet die viele Schauspielinteressierte und angehende Schauspieler besonders interessiert: Kann und muss man als Schauspieler auf Kommando weinen? Die Antwort gibt es im Youtube-Video:

Weitere Fragen rund um die NYFA, wie man Schauspieler wird oder zum Thema Regie könnt Ihr uns gerne an contact[at]solutions-talentsandpros.com schicken!


#1 Lecturers

Now you can obtain NYFA’s excellent education in the German capitol, Berlin. For the Workshops in Berlin, the New York Film Academy’s world renowned lecturers will share their know-how with you!

#2 Living

Berlin is one of the most welcoming and comfortable cities especially when it comes to living and studying. The cost of living compared to other European capitals is relatively low. Renting out a place for a short period of time is very easy and affordable and common practise in Berlin. Your euros go a long way here and enjoying a high quality of life is very inexpensive. Public transportation is running 24/7 with a widespread network spanning out far into the suburbs. From ie. Berlin Bahnhof Zoo to Potsdam Medienstadt Babelsberg it takes you about 20 minutes whereby monthly tickets are farely reasonably priced.

#3 Internationality

Berlin is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. You are surrounded by all kinds of cultures, ethnicities and languages. Whenever you walk on the street you meet people from all across the globe with exciting stories to tell. This special flair is especially present during the yearly carnival of cultures.

Because of the city’s multicultural vibe, people in Berlin speak English exceptionally well.

#4 Movie scene

Berlin and Babelsberg are the heart of the German Movie World. The courses of the New York Film Academy combine the traditional German film world with the best of the innovative and hands-on approaches by the New York Film Academy. This fusion is absolutely innovative and unique. Berlin is also home to the most important German award ceremonies and launching events for film and television.

#5 Art and Music

Berlin’s art and music are best to be found on the streets. Music and art is happening everywhere you look. The city is a blank canvas for street artists and musicians. Everyday there are plenty of vernissages and music events – dive into this universe bursting of creativity! This environment is more than inspiring for the next generation of actors and filmmakers.

#6 Food

Kebab, Currywurst, Thai, Japanese, Indian, Israeli or Senegalese food? You name it, you find it! Berlin offers the most diverse selection of cuisines in Western Europe!

#7 History

The fall of the Berlin Wall stands for one of the most important events in German if not European contemporary history reuniting two nations with the same roots. The Wall Museum, Checkpoint Charlie and an endless list of other monuments around the city can tell you about its exciting history. One of those places has been reconstructed into a vibrant spot for people of all ages –the Mauerpark one of the most colourful flea markets you will ever see. Every weekend, people sit here and socialize on the stone terraces that used to divide the East from the West.

#8 Safety

Compared to other big international cities, Berlin is a very safe and secure place.

#9 Venture Capital

Berlin is one of Europe’s biggest venture capital hubs. The start-up-scene in Berlin has been steadily growing in the past years. Venture capital for movies and other artistic projects are relatively easy to access in the capitol of creativity.

#10 Talent

Berlin has many agencies that are always looking for new talents they can represent. When attending a course at NYFA in Berlin, participants can make great use of this network.